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Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog [And What Can You Do About It]?

One thing I don’t like reading the introduction lines is this.. most people don’t know how to write them – even the copywriters!

If you don’t know how to write the intro lines effectively – stop bothering about them, consider directly coming to the point.


Online readers read the content lightening fast. They don’t like reading fluff!

Lets dive into the topic now..

Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog?


You’re posting nonsense.

No matter at what pace you’re posting, your content should add value to the readers and the blog.

[note]I REALLY don’t care whether you’re posting daily, weekly or monthly (who cares?), all WE need is: either inform us new things or entertain us with your writing.[/note]

Without having quality and engaging content, you can’t convince the readers to read your blog.

They will choose another blog to learn the things if you’re not providing what your readers ACTUALLY want, after all, there are gazillion of blogs out there!

What can you do?

Post engaging content.

Engaging content doesn’t mean that you need to

  • research more
  • spend more time on producing ONE single post or
  • posting less

Your content always should add some EXTRA value to the readers. They should get benefited after reading the post. Strive to create that type of content.

If you’re focusing more on creating timeless content, then you’re really awesome. It will certainly grab more people attention in less time.

Timeless content doesn’t mean writing for next 5 days, it is.. writing for the next 5 years!

You’re focusing ONLY on money.

Don’t promote useless products which don’t add any value to your readers. They will kill the credibility of your blog in the long run. And the readers may end up with unsubscribing to your blog.

What you can do?

Promote targeted products.

Promote those products which you personally use and satisfied with.

Consider writing a FREE review if possible, you’ll surely notice the results in no time.

I don’t find YOUR posts, most of the posts are written by someone else.

Most of the people subscribed to your blog either via RSS or email just because they liked the way you create the content.

When they see most posts written by guest bloggers, they may feel deprecated with it and probably end up reading your blog.

What to do about it?

Make sure the majority posts which are getting published on your blog is: YOURS. Not others!

Follow 3:1 rule. Allow 1 guest post for every 3 posts (which are written by you).

You’re not responding to me.

Your readers will feel encouraged when you appreciate their presence either by

  • blog commenting
  • social media or
  • emails

No matter how busy you’re, try to respond to them.

At least make it a habit of responding to the readers queries. If you don’t respond to them, they may feel that there’s no use with your blog and they will stop following you. It’s as simple as that.

You are creating OFFLINE content, not online.

Offline writing is different, it includes large blocks of content (check out news papers, magazines etc)

Whereas online writing involves in writing in bullets, small paras etc (check out my blog ;))

Why writing long paragraphs in the blogs don’t work??

Simple answer is.. online readers are LAZY. They’ll more likely to skim the content than reading every word.

What can you do about it?

I already discussed this topic, if you want to master in online writing, consider reading this post..

Why Online Writing Is Different? How to Write Online Content to Attract Your Readers?

When do you stop reading other blogs?

Now it’s your turn.. when did you stop reading your favorite blogs? What are the reasons behind them?


  1. Awesome.. This exactly is a common mistake we all do. Try to write trendy articles on your blog. When you write something, it should be useful for your readers, not yourself :P

  2. Hi Satish. To-The-Point post out here.

    What takes me away from being a consistent reader of any blog is first of all the design. Really, it might be stupid but I can’t stand a dirty design.

    You know, it’s the first impressions which decides about everything.


    • I disagree with you on this Raaj, Do you really think that design plays bigger role than content?

      I’m the daily reader of Seth Godin’s blog because of his content. The design of his blog sucks, but It’s fun for me to read his blog and to stick with his blog.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hello Raaj,

      Glad you liked it.. first impression really counts. And design plays a vital role to make a blog success (I strongly believe it)

  3. I stopped reading many of tech blogs as soon as I realized that they and nothing new, all things that they added was already known to me. Moreover their writing style, ADS and psych style lead me to forget the their blog

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yea Anuj,

      Most of the tech blogs don’t have a tone! That’s why they lack in retaining the readers.. and excessive ads is a BIG no which will surely make anyone to stop reading :)

  4. I always try to start a conversation between my readers in my post and I add value there with full proof of what I’m trying to say that is why people love my content. ;)

  5. Hi Rahul,
    This is true that often the blog readers don’t like the content being updated in your blog and often your blog seems to be boring for them. It is definitely normal. Well, I think that a blogger needs to update his blog with fresh, unique content as unique content is always appreciated by readers. All the points that you have suggested are truly correct. Thanks for the share!!

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hello Aditi,

      Don’t bore the readers.. it’ll surely kill any blog. Having a personal tone is also very important to make a blog success.

  6. It is very important that your blog should have a good design and visitors should love reading the new posts on the blog. Your blog look is really very awesome and the style in which you write the posts is also very attractive. I would keep on reading the new posts regularly.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      I totally agree with your points Rocky..

      Glad you liked LBT blog design and writing style. Keep visiting the blog, you’ll find more interesting stuff :)

  7. So totally true what you say., They reckon most of the top bloggers spend 10 to 13 hours just creating one single post. Which is a lot of time but I guess the investment is definitely worth it. In this day and age everyone is so busy that they want the juicy stuff right there and then. Who can blame then heah ;-)

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Even I’ve spent days in creating the stuff for this blog. Writing epic content will not give you instant results, but surely it worth!

  8. i think everything is matter of building confidence in your reader. the main problem with the new blogger that they really dont know what to do. i heard something around 80k blogs get started on each day and what then they go fuss. art of blogging is not mere engaging with your reader, it is also taking out the emotions out of you. tips like internet reader are lazy, is not the real case. i have few hubs on hubpages, and they are really long ones and you surprised to know. they really being read by the readers. with hush and hullah about blogging or internet, that you can get instant cash make people least to try once and when they not able to succeed. they change lane to wtf blogging road.

    So i really dont agree with points you made, but some points are really valid ones. And Happy blogging.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yep I do agree with your point that new bloggers lack a direction – a proper direction!

      But it’s also true that by testing new things, they’ll actually learn the new things. Which will come in handy in the long run.

      Yea blogging is not at all a get rich quick scheme, it takes time to build a network and to make some money from it :)

      Thanks for stopping by Hemendra

  9. Nice article Rahul, I do appreciate your valuable thoughts and guidelines for success, thank you!
    In my view we should be passionate about our subject and be prepared to do some thorough research; it shows in the results.
    Keep it short, people have shorter and shorter attention spells, and long paragraphs are a real put-off.
    I think the odd guest blogger can be of great value adding a fresh perspective to your posts, but one needs to have firm controls on the input.

  10. The way you interact with your readers really have meaning to the success of your site. you must be friendly with your readers and ready to reply their comments with helpful tips that can make them stick with your site. content is king no doubt in that, what bring the readers to your site in the first place is your content. so by putting in your best on your content will surely going to bring better result. thanks for sharing

  11. I stop reading a blog when there interaction is very less with readers.
    Also I see read complete post when intro is awesome. Like your`s.


  12. I would like to add one more crucial point.
    Font selection on various blogs is so poor that any serious blogger will never read those posts. If your readers are stressing himself to read your post by sticking himself to computer then your font selection is very bad.

    Selection as well as the size of font is also very important, and from my point of view
    font-size: 16px;
    line-height: 23px;
    is the perfect combination for any good blog. And there is thumb rule for selecting line-height also as this should be 7 more then the size.

    I personally never read the posts which have less font size and crappy fonts.
    So I will suggest all fellow bloggers to be very choosy in fonts also.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Wow that’s truly amazing Kulwant..

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on having a great blog design and it’s requirements (typography)

      I personally suggest anyone to use the killer web fonts like Georgia, Serif or Segoe to make a fresh look.

      Thanks for stopping by and btw similar thoughts!!

  13. Oh, this stuff is really great. Do you know what I liked the most? The “timeless content” paragraph.

  14. One more point I would like to add here is “too many ads”,Ads annoys your readers and thus it may result in losing your readers,BTW thanks for sharing this exceptional article.

  15. I dislike it when bloggers let too many guest post on their blog and I have to search for their name. I usually read the content if it is good but I am irritated.

    I hate it when blogs are filled with advertising, that tells me you can not rely on your content.

  16. Two Important Points Acc. To me…
    1.) Only a single awesome blog post can attract visitors rather than regular posting on out of scope content.
    2.) Look and feel also have a huge effect..

  17. Ahh!! Nice one Rahul
    3:1 ratio is best awesome line i have seen in this page
    and i hope i’m following this strategy in my blog

    When coming to comments, responding to our commentators are mandatory i think, since they may get excited on seeing reply’s on their comments.

  18. Hello there, Rahul!

    “Simple answer is.. online readers are LAZY. They’ll more likely to skim the content than reading every word.”

    I think this is one of the best advice you’re giving. It’s funny that I myself was skimming through your article when this came to my attention.

    Often times it’s not that I’re lazy, but that I always want to only read the important, most juicy content of a blog post. A lot of the bloggers out there focus too much on the word count, and write a lot of useful stuff, but in between lines full of rubbish.

    Your e-book has greatly helped me realize the mistakes I did when I wrote a post, and I can’t thank you enough for that! Indeed a free material worth some real bucks in there!

  19. Design plays an important role but at the same time we must maintain the quality of our blog posts. That will engage our readers.

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