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Why Online Writing Is Different? How to Write Online Content to Attract Your Readers?

how to write online Online writing is totally different from offline writing.

Blogging is online writing.

Online writing = using short sentences

Offline writing = usage of long paragraphs

You can’t grab others attention using long paragraphs.

Even if your content is killer!

What do your readers do then?

They SKIM.

How can you convey the meat of your article then?

Everyone knows that most people who are surfing online prefer scanning than reading word to word.

Have you ever read any article word to word?

Honestly speaking, I rarely do that.

And I don’t expect YOU to read my content word to word.

If you read it from the scratch, you’re awesome! But I can still convey the meat of my articles even when someone skims.


I use online writing to grab readers attention. And that’s what I’m going to discuss in this article.

Are you interested to write online content to quickly grab everyone’s attention?

Let’s dive in..

What happens when online writing goes offline?

Online web surfers has less attention span.

Following are few of the STRONG reasons why I think offline writing in the blogs sucks.

  • No one reads your whole content
  • Your writing sucks like HELL
  • No one will be interested to come back to read something on your blog again
  • Most people can’t understand your MEAT of the article, hence they leave your blog as soon as they arrive
  • Online writing beats offline writing (it means short paragraphs grab more people attention)

How to write online content then?


Introduction is very very very very important

See how many times I used the word ‘very’ in the above sub head ;)

Introduction is REALLY important when you want to grab someone’s attention.

It’s a better idea to start your introduction with

  • a quotation
  • surprising statistics or
  • using wacky introduction lines (I’m master at this ;))

Divide and rule

When Britishers came India to rule the country, they used this tactic.


Use the same strategy to grab your readers attention.

Divide your content into short pieces.

Don’t write long paragraphs

Also try to use short sentences.

Because short sentences and para’s can easily grab attention.

Seduce your readers with the titles

Most prolific writers say this..

80% of the readers open your article when your title is attention grabbing.

But what I feel is: they’re completely wrong!

99% of the readers read your content when it has sexy headlines. So make sure you’ve mind blowing titles.

Read: 6 Exceptional Ways to Write Killer Headlines

A picture is worth a million words

Make use of images.

Images are memorable and easy to understand the meat of your content.

Images can add value to your writing.

why use images?

Images can

  • grab your readers attention
  • convey your message
  • give you search traffic

Read: How to Find Free Images for Your Blog

If possible go for podcasting or video creation

Most lazy readers like me, prefer watching videos or listening podcasts to learn something.

Moreover podcasting is the new ERA of blogging.

No need to say the importance of video marketing.

So, try to create videos and audio lessons along with the textual content creation.

At learn, try to learn how to create videos and podcasts. You can increase the pace later.

Sexy crafting is a must

Have you observed this article?

How did I craft it?

Did it grab your attention.

If you want to grab your readers eyeballs within seconds, crafting can help you to do that.

Use sub heads, bullets, bold letters etc to make it sexy!

Do you use long and boring para’s or short and sweet paragraphs??


  1. Once again, you have stressed on the “short paras” thing. This is your signature style. I think you are the only one (in the entire galaxy) who has this style of writing and you have proved it works. Hell yeah, I’m gonna copy this style ;)

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Hello Sergio,

      Thanks for the awesome comment mate :) I’m really glad that you’re doing great with your new blog. If you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll be ready to help you.

      Keep visiting bud.

  2. Can you believe me rahul, i always read your articles word by word sentence by sentence. Right now you are weiting like a pro.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Really? I’m really glad that you read my articles top to toe Rakesh. I’d like to see more stuff on your blog :) You’re also doing great.

  3. Hi Rahul,

    Short and punchy works best. Attention spans are non-existent. Especially online, with a zillion choices awaiting the web surfer. Chop up your paragraphs. Keep sentences short. Include plenty of action verbs and colorful adjectives; grab your reader’s attention. Excellent tips here.

    Make your point. Exit stage left. People are busy enough, and in a microwave culture, a long, running blog post is not going to cut it.



  4. Great tips to improve our writing skills. Being an online writer, I always try to improve my grammar and try to avoid the spelling errors. According to me, the title, the introduction and the conclusion are three of the greatest factors which makes a certain post powerful and attractive.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Along with honing writing skills we should also focus on attention grabbing. It plays a vital role in online marketing when we want to sell something.

      Thanks for stopping by Priyangshu :)

  5. I Hope I can one day write like rahul i just love your writing style bro its so catchy you are the only guy who’s post i read from top to bottom without getting bored :)

  6. Thanks rahul all points are useful and well written,
    Do you have any fb page of this blog ??

  7. Hey Rahul,

    Since there are a lot of blogs to read, most readers have short attention spans. If your headline doesn’t grab them, then more than likely they’re going to skip your blog post. Make it short, attractive and sweet, but at the same time keep making it attractive all the way to the answer at the end of your post. Thanks for the share!


    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Wow. Well said Sherman.. I like your quote..

      “If your headline doesn’t grab them, then more than likely they’re going to skip your blog post”

      Thanks for the nice comment :)

  8. the only reason why I regularly visit your blog is you write in short way that I read complete post tough am busy!

    I agree that offline writing is different from online but I think offline writers can write on NEWS BLOGS. What do you say?

  9. awesome man,gonna ctrl+C and ctrl+V your writing style.
    But don’t forget to tell feedback

  10. Thanks Rahul for this innovative concept that you think of. I have never heard about this online content writing before. Definitely find your post to be very interesting. Yes, I do feel the same that if an online writing goes offline, then the first thing that gets more importance is the “headline” which definitely attracts a lot of visitors to read the post. So, this must be the first criteria. Secondly, I think images also has an effect. So, giving appropriate image is also very compulsory enough. Thanks for the share!!

  11. Online writing works need some attention to write the article according to readers taste and must thing is we need to provide the information’s by short and simple concise writing, instead of providing like writing stories to avoid readers get bored.

    We can ask readers to what they are interested and what to write to keep engaged with readers.

  12. Great concept of keeping sentences short for online writing. I find my self skimming through online content more often than not when trying to find the content I am looking for.

  13. @Rahul Really bro your blog is valuable very informative Awesome post bro my according your blog GOD For New Blogger :)

  14. I am 1000% agree with the point that a Killer headline is must for attracting visitors !!

    Thanks for sharing the stuff.

  15. Hi Rahul
    Writing for a blog is for sure different than offline writing. You really need to grap the visitors attention right away or they are gone and yes “A picture is worth a million words”. Not all bloggers are good at adding pictures to their blog posts.

  16. Afternoon Rahul,

    “Sexy crafting is a must” – This made me smile, because it’s true.

    Rahul makes it easy all types of people to read his content, none walk away because its overpowering or takes an eternity to read, that’s why I like his blog.

  17. Oh I see.

    When it comes to writing then making our contents enthralling should be our primary purpose. I hope one day I will also be able to grab my visitors attention by writing in fascinating way. Well, I will learn from your contents how to write interesting posts. Your contents are worth reading.

  18. Yes true. Sometimes I only scroll through the images and read only if the images catches my attention!

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