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Why Should Someone Read Your Blog?

The most important question that every blogger should ask him/herself..

Why should someone read your blog?

To learn new things? To grow their business by following your tips and tutorials? To make money blogging by applying your strategies?


Why should your readers read your blog?

[alert]This is a reader interactive question, so I want to hear it from you.[/alert]

why should I read your blog?

Do share your

  1. Blog topic and
  2. Why should someone read your blog?

Answer the above 2 questions in the comments section, if you don’t know or not clear about your blogging goals yet, then ask me, I’ll be glad to help you.

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Here I’ll share few things, why should someone read LearnBlogTips..

First off, I’m blogging because I’m extremely passionate about it. I love learning new things about blogging and I always love to reveal the blogging success secrets with YOU.

Few more reasons why you should read LBT:

  • I use simple language in my articles, you don’t find it difficult to digest what I’m saying.
  • I share valuable tips on blogging
  • I know my audience and to whom I’m writing to.. Majority of my readers are ‘new bloggers’, so I write 75% to 80% ONLY to them
  • I read a lot of content everyday and I compile the BEST tips which I come across and I share only those tips which I follow, so sweet of me right? ;)
  • No junk, I know 90% of the blogs are filled with crappy content (most of the bloggers are writing the content to publish just another post)
  • I write only when I feel something interesting to say (to be specific, I publish only when I’ve to say something, I write daily though)
  • I believe strongly in one phrase – “No post is better than a bad post”
  • I focus more on ‘content creation’ rather than promotion (I don’t know whether its going to help me in the long run or not)
  • I spend a lot of time to produce one article on my blog (I take care about the title, opening paragraphs, middle part and call to action, images and using proper links etc)
  • You don’t find copied content here!
  • I always provide value to my readers by giving personal suggestions through emails or social media to improve their blogs

I think I’ve provided enough reasons why should YOU read my blog

Now, its your turn..



  1. Wonderful insightful post my friend! You are really sharing useful information that will help people get laser focused on their goals.

    As far as focusing on content more than promotion, you are doing the right thing. Your blog is still young even though you have come a really long way! Therefore building up your content should be your number one objective. When you get to the point where you are getting a good level of traffic and you start to see your Alexa go down and your Page Rank go up, then you can spend more time on promotion. You will be able to look at your stats and see what is performing well over time! Then you can find new avenues to promote those posts and create even more content surrounding those topics.

    Thanks for the post Rahul – I will be sharing it.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      You’ve added great value to the post Ileane.

      Yes, I do worry about promotion sometimes, but as you said it’s not a complex thing. Once if we have enough quality content, over time we can build thriving audience by guest posting, pod casting or video marketing. There are so many ways to promote, all we need is: patience!

      BTW you dint share your views, why should someone read your blog? :D

  2. Interesting post mate!
    It’s really a nice idea to ask Bloggers the reason why someone should read their blog and what are their goals.

    I blog because I love doing it, I have a passion in Blogging and marketing etc.

    I share tips based posts on Blogging, writing, web and social media etc on my blog to help newbies.
    These days I’m also running a “Starting a Blog” series where I will share A to Z complete tips on Blogging and I’m sure a lot of newbies will get benefits from that series and I have also started Bloggers interview series because it is best way to build relationship and increase engagement.
    Is that enough reason for someone to read my blog?

    My Goal:

    My goal is to add my blog on the list where all the popular blogs like ProBlogger and Daily Blog Tips etc hangs out and add my name on the list where all the pro Bloggers names hangs out.

    BTW Rahul, you are a great Blogger my friend. I’ve learned a lot of things from your blog and I’m proud of you.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      That’s a great way to build a better blog Ehsan. Your blog growth is increasing day by day. And I see almost everywhere in the blogosphere (comments section). You are putting lot of efforts into it. Hardwork surely pays off!

      I wish you all the best for your blogging success buddy!

  3. Hi Rahul Guru,

    That’s an interesting Question. So, here’s my answer. I blog because, I want to turn my blog to my business. There are several reasons bloggers/readers should read my blog I’d like to list them.
    1. My blog writes reviews of different useful WP Plugins and Premium Themes
    2. My blog also helps beginner to grow
    3. I think I don’t write killer content, but also think that my blog’s content is highly easy to understand
    4. My blog is just a simple blog, where people can learn new things, not old like how to make money (idiot) etc
    5. I tries my best to write great and useful for bloggers.

    My blog’s main aim is to be listed in the Top blogs list same as Ehsan.

    Thanks for Question, interesting.

  4. My blog is more inclined towards lifestyle and self development. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you should read my blog.

    Most health based blogs support the sale of supplements and other health products, particularly weight loss blogs, I don’t do that, instead I try to focus on health and safe ways.

    Communication of my blog has improved a lot, I only get insightful and supportive comments these days and that continues the conversation of the post because I usually write in first-person.

    I’m happy with how my blog is running. I don’t have any unreachable expectations right now, my plans are based over a long time. I really hope they work.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Having long term goals in blogging always work! And I know how you are doing with your blog.

      I also know that you are giving your best to your readers. Your niche takes bit time especially in India, but you will surely notice the results soon :)

      I wish all the success for your blogging journey Adi. Thanks for sharing your views about your blog.

      • The problem is with my .in domain, Google shows more of my pages in Google India only but not

        Plus check out my homepage once. You’ll be happy :)

  5. Hi Rahul Kuntala,
    Thanks for sharing this great post !
    Reading blogs will help in writing a one too :)
    Good blogs provide a lot of information that helps to gather knowledge.

    Thanks again

  6. As you said, it is better to care about writing blog posts than posting it with hurry, because we love blogging and our readers love our skills, so we’re the sole responsibility for whole content and make sure not to produce crappy content.

    Posting a single meaningful article is look like a evergreen tree than posting tons of worthless contents, so basically our involvement will do all these things, we should take care about each and every step.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Naveen,

      Totally agreed with you! We should focus on something that is valuable to our readers.

      Keep visiting mate.

  7. First of all thanks a lot for this superb post.And i’m also agree with Arpita.An article and it’s obviously a superb one can help anyone to gain knowledge.And surely that onewhich you pointed earlier that giving personal suggestions through social media.Again thanks a lot Rahul :D

  8. I struggle with this everyday. I am new to blogging so I have a ton of ideas and no clue which ones work. I wrtite almost everyday. I am on vacation and I am on the internet. I am not a IT person and a marketing person so I don’t have a niche except for life experiences and the occassional work experience that I share. I am still in the surprise stage. When I wake up in the morning and I have comments that are not spam, I dance. It is like a good night with a spouse. I worry that my content is not good enough, I am not smart enough but I don’t want to quit. I love what I am doing. Wow, that was probably too honest. Why do I think people should read my blog? It is honest, from the heart and it is about everyday life. The question I ask myself daily. Is it enough?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Don’t worry about blogging problems, you have to remember one thing that, everyone here is struggling with them.

      All you have to do is: focus on your short term goals! You will surely succeed.

      BTW you have great thoughts about blogging, I appreciate it Cynthia :)

  9. Aloha Rahul, interesting post and very perceptive of you to do your research for the novice blogger and make their blogging life easier. If you give an enticing valuable ingredient to add a better spice in life, people will be lured to you. I’m glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, Lani :)

    PS.. thank goodness for social sites like G+, Ileane, was nice enough to share your post so here I am.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hey Lani,

      Thanks for reading it. I’m glad that Ileane shared it on G+ she encourages her readers whenever she find something useful or interesting. I’m proud to be her fan :)

      Thanks for stopping by and keep visiting!

  10. Others read my blog because it helps them to solve probs in blogging,making money online,SEO and system problems.
    90% of my visitors comes from google that means they are reading my blog in search of something which can be solved by reading my articles :P
    Nice article I also read your blog regularly because the articles are unique :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      90% of search traffic means you are doing terrific things Imran. I really appreciate your work!

      Thanks for your nice words Imran. I should focus more on “content” though.

  11. Mahesh verma says:

    Rahul nice question, i am doing blogging from last 1 year on my movies website and struggling in getting traffic on them. Even I am writing unique content on my post. but now i understood that why visitors are not coming and i will follow your all tips I hope it will help me.

  12. Great going.

    I dnt have time 2 type my post.even i had smashed and poked a blog:

    i dnt have a particular niche,but still astronomy,archaelogy, exposing secrets and tips behind all are my niche.

    If u can help me by some way,help me. I am nw 18.duing +2.
    Iam a newbie in publishing bt am in blogging since 3 years.hlp me.any1?

    Dnt think as a bribe,i will give every helpers a free adspace 2 ur blog..

  13. First of all one will come to your blog since it’s mentioned something important and seems interesting to the reader. After landing in the page for the first time, we take time to realize whether it’s helpful or not. First impressions is most important to make a visitor return again and again.

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