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HostGator Review: Do You Really Need HostGator?

get hostgator only for one cent

Although I’m a huge fan of HostGator, if you are a beginner and want a better discount on reliable hosting service, I’d recommend you Bluehost! Here’s the link to Bluehost discount if you want a big deal!

Update: If you’re buying hosting from HostGator using my affiliate link, you’ll get a special bonus worth $30! Don’t forget to use my contact form before you’re purchasing to know more about it.

If you’re blogging, you’re running an online business. And any business needs investment, particularly on few things like web hosting, domain purchase etc.

When it comes to buying a web hosting service for your blog, you need to consider few things like;

  • customer support
  • pricing factor
  • reliability etc

One of the best web hosting providers currently available in the blogging world is: HostGator. I’ve explicitly written this post on hostgator review and getting it just for $0.01

Many of the BIG blogs use HostGator to run their businesses. I’ve been using HostGator for several months now, and I never faced any problems with their hosting service. I’m a satisfied customer of HostGator. So I obviously recommend HostGator to host on your blog.

Why Choose HostGator?


Most hosting plans out there will have many downtimes, that means your visitors will not be able to access your website or blog.

Secondly, your server might be slow, which creates a terrible user experience and which can actually make a drop in search engine rankings.

Third, the customer support might be slow, and you won’t be able to solve your site problems within the time! It’s why I prefer and suggest you to use HostGator for your blog or website.

Easy CPanel Navigation

CPanel means Control Panel. Using CPanel in HostGator is quite easy.

CPanel of HostGator is really easy to navigate and you can find desired tools very easily.

Live chat support

  • Hostgator 24/7 support: Hostgator is one of the 99.9% uptime guarantee with the good support, incase your blog or website has been unreachable for more than 1 hour, you can email to the At the moment, they will service you directly the price free phone support, live chat support
  • live chat support: You can chat with their support directly. They’ll respond you just within 2 minutes.

Comes with 3 hosting packages

1. Hatchling Plan: If you’re just starting out and not have enough money then go for Hatchling plan.

Hatching plan is for single domain hosting

This plan is ideal for anyone who is planning to host only one website. It’s the cheapest plan and you can upgrade to baby plan at any time!

2. Hostgator Baby Plan: This is the most popular package which is used by almost every blogger (even I use the same plan).

You can use multiple sites just by paying $10 every month! It’s worth every penny..

Baby plan is for more than 1 domains

3. Hostgator Business Plan:  You can use dedicated I.P in this plan. You’ll get  a dedicated IP, toll free number and private SSL.

This hosting plan is for large websites and corporate companies..

How to Get HostGator Just For $0.01 for the First Month?

Follow these steps..

Step 1: Click the below image and select “View Webhosting Plans”

how to get hostgator for free

Step 2: Now choose any hosting plan from the below..
hostgator packages
Step 3: Now enter your domain name and use the coupon code LearnBlogTips

hostgator coupon code free

Step 4: Enter your payment details, you’re done!

hostgator for free

Few other reasons to use HostGator

  • Free website transfer
  • MySQL transfer
  • Script transfer
  • 4500 free web templates
  • Unlimited domain hosting and
  • Unlimited MySQL database usage
  • HostGator is trusted by over 8,000,000 domain owners

The HostGator plans are covered by 45-days money back guarantee, no risk to take, hosting with Hostgator is risk-free!

Note: For any other plan use coupon code “LearnBlogTips″ to get Max 25% off.


  1. It’s really nice to see the first ever review on your blog. There are only two hosting providers which I like Hostgator and BlueHost.

    Thanks for sharing some of the features of Hostgator among other hosting providers, BTW, You had to cloak your affiliate link here.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yeah, I’ve write more reviews (unbiased of course) on my blog.. so hoping to see the best :) Thanks for stopping by Ehsan

  2. I use HostGator and I must say that it is one of the best web hosting. I am really happy that this is where I choose to host my blog.

    Great review.

  3. Investment in the business to make it grow more is really what a business needs ever. BTW, I’m one of the biggest fans of Hostgator, but unfortunately I’ve never used it :(.
    Because of its’ payment methods, i.e. Paypal, Credit Card. I don’t have both.. And western union!?
    I’m not one who can use that because I’m 15 years old one. And my elder brothers and cousins, will never send a payment via that method (western union)..

    Thats why I’m on Hostmantis. That’s not bad too, their customer support is OK only.

    Review was excellent.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      I wish you could use HG soon, yea few people like you have payment options.. Thanks for stopping by bud!

  4. I started my blog on local host it was annoying me all the time with its poor service, then I changed to Host gator!
    The best part of Host gator is Customer service no one can beat them!

  5. I like HostGator, my 3 blogs are blogspot blogs , and it is free . I want to move one blog to WordPress but how i can purchase Hosting service. I have only Debit card , is it possible to buy HostGator using Debit card.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Yes, you can buy it using debit card if you’ve VCC number, let me know if you want more details..

  6. I can definitely vouch for HG..Have been using it since last 4 years.Never faced any major downtime or issues..And most of the issues are solved out quickly by their support team.

    After trying out several different hosting companies,I can definitely say that hostgator is best when it comes to Shared Hosting.

  7. Nice to read the small review. I’m totatlly wondered that you haven’t put more than one Aff. link on the review.

    BTW, nice review. And yeah, I’ve a questions that can I use hostgator for blogger?

  8. I am holding on BigRock. Well that’s also good. Not know much about HostGator but now I got the whole network. But that is much costly than BigRock. ;) Although the services are nice.

  9. This is an unbiased review and HostGator is one of the best hosting service providers. If you want to create a website or blog using WordPress, then I suggest you to go for HG.

  10. Really useful and easy guide on setting up Hostagator hosting. Well, Hostgator is one of the best hosting service. I too use Hostgator, their service and customer support is really good. And having a good customer service is really important, at times when you need support. Thanks Rahul :)

  11. Hello Rahul ,
    I HAVE buy hosting of hostgator 10 days ago but it is only for month and now 0.01 $ hosting is come for 1 year or 1 month

  12. nice post….Hey rahul read the ebook, much worthier, add some more pages and make it for price.
    In your way of style, that was the meat I was looking far….
    Thank you so much….

  13. Rahul Bro I am on Godaddy which is better Hostgator

  14. how can I use your affiliate. I want to buy HG hosting for an year.

  15. hey rahu how i can purchase hostgator..i have a dabit card.i am from can u plz tell me in detail ho i can use my dabit card

  16. I like hostgator a lot. I wont put my 25% off coupon in the post as I don;t want to steal any commisions but I think it is worth suggesting the 25% off coupon and not only the 1 free month. For example the person above looking to sign up for a year of hosting would save more with a 25% off code vs the $9.94 off (free month). Just a suggestion.

  17. nice article , mr . rahul can u pls tell me that how much traffic hostgator baby plan can afford

  18. I’m concerned that this article is a bit dated now that HG was acquired by EIG. They are crashing all the time and the support feels understaffed now. I went over 5 weeks waiting for them to do a simple VPS upgrade and they never got around to it. They used to be good but now they’re just a tool for an empire of similarly-named companies which depend on fake reviews and overpaid affiliate links. They are bleeding HG dry of its former glory I feel bad for everyone still on HG who hasn’t realized what happened. For a penny it’s still a tough decision. – A long time HG customer

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