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10+1 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Growing And What Can You Do About It

Have you ever thought why your blog is not taking off though you’re working hard?

Why only few bloggers are succeeding? Why not everyone?

Curious to know the answers?? Let’s dive in..

why your blog is not growing?

Why your blog is not growing?

10. You consider yourself as a ‘blogging guru’

I saw so many bloggers considering themselves as professional bloggers (even though they started their blogging career just about 2 months back).

And what worse is; they write their blog posts as if they were the blogging gurus. You will clearly notice “I know everything dude” kinda attitude on their posts.

Even if you want to be a pro in your niche, don’t act as if you’re one, be a pro!

9. You publish just another posts

Your content should stand out from others, why should anyone read your blog when there’s nothing unique in your content?

Take time to publish new content, research well before you write something. Never (ever) write without proper research, which can leads to half knowledge.

Half knowledge is dangerous than ignorance. Don’t write the posts with half knowledge, research well before you write.

8. Your posting frequency is erratic

I’m not going to discuss about whether you should post daily or not.

My suggestion is to maintain a consistency.

If you post 3 posts/week, great, continue the awesome work.

If you post 3/month.. do it consistently

7. You don’t have a personal tone

How should your readers recognize you??

The best way to do that is: have your own writing style.

It’s not possible if you don’t have a practice of writing & reading bunch of text.

It takes time, but it worth practicing!

Stick to the following decision, if you want to make a change.

I’ll practice my writing techniques 1 hour a day

6. Your blog is not growing because you lack motivation

As a blogger, everyone needs proper motivation to succeed. Read the interviews of successful bloggers, watch their success stories, and motivate yourself to succeed.

Compare yourself with yourself. Not with others.

5. You write about almost EVERYTHING

Your blog doesn’t have a FOCUS. When you write about every topic, you’re not focusing on anything. That means no RESULTS.

If you want to succeed in crowded niche, choose a narrow niche, and dig into it. This way you can make a difference in no time!

For example, if you’re running a marketing blog, instead of writing about all the things about marketing, narrow down your niche (like focusing ONLY on digital marketing, social media or affiliate sales etc).

4. There’s no active community running on your blog

When someone first visits a blog, they will hate to see ‘zero comments’ all over the blog. If you’re facing the same situation, it’s time to focus on building an active community around your blog.

Start participating in forums, Facebook groups, twitter networks etc..

Read: How to Get More Comments For Your Blog Posts

3. You don’t care about SEO

Do some research on what you are about to write. Without keyword analysis, you can’t bring search engine traffic to your blog.

I know no one likes SEO part, but it’s the ONLY thing that can change any blog’s momentum (that’s the bitter truth!).

Learn at least basics of SEO to bring quality traffic from search engines. You don’t need to over optimize the content, but make sure you’re giving some importance to search engine optimization.

Write for readers – optimize for robots

2. You don’t hookup with others

Blogging is not a solo thing.

You must go out and brand yourself as a blogger. If you don’t network with others, how can they know about your blog?

Invest quality time to connecting with other bloggers. Comment on their blogs, write guest posts, have a personal chat with them on social media or emails. And be humble with them always. No one likes arrogant person!

This way you can create a great impact on others. And whenever someone arrives on your blog, you must be welcoming them and start providing some freebies to make them loyal to your blog.

1. You don’t execute what you learn

This is the worst part.

Most bloggers fail because of two reasons.

Either they don’t learn anything

Or they don’t execute what they learn.

Simple formula for blogging success is: execute what you learn

Last but not least: If you want to create a successful blog, be patient

Most people give up, when they’re just about to see a growth on their blogs.

Look at this image..

how to blog when you want to quitNo matter how worse the situation is: don’t give up. If you don’t give up, there’s no way you can fail!

You’ll definitely see a drastic change in your blog if you follow the above 10 strategies..


  1. Nice List of points that everyone should follow. The best part that I liked the most was the image that you added at the last about where people actually quit. You are right, around 90% of the people who quit, quit at that point. Keep up the good work :)

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      It may be even 99% of us. Blogging is too much crowded especially in India, so if a person wants to be successful, he has to do SOMETHING which others are not doing :)

  2. Hey, 3 Post/ week isn’t enough. We should try to do 1Post/Day.

    What say? Amn’t I right.
    By the way, Good work bro.

    The last point was also nice. It’s 100% true too. We should blogging till our last breathe. What say ?

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Blog posting frequency is a broad topic to be covered. I can’t simply say YES or NO. It depends on many things like, your niche, size of audience, your time, etc.

      So stick to the one which you find useful. I’ll write a post on blog post frequency soon on my blog JUST FOR YOU, stay tuned!

  3. Whats The Best Way To increase number of comments on your blog I Want the readers to engadge with others ?

  4. The best article on LBT till date, agree with each and every point. Looking for more useful and informative articles like this one. Thanks Rahul.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Whenever I see your comment, you will rock the party ;) Thanks for those words bud, I really appreciate.. And you’re also doing great on WPSquare.

  5. Nice points Rahul, I’m really confused :(
    Some people says write for people and don’t care about SEO, while some others says that you must optimize your post for better SEO ranking. BTW, starting from point 10 and ending in point 1 was funny :D

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      Okay for you, I’m gonna write an explicit post to clear your confusion (hopefully, this Saturday!. Just stay tuned.

  6. Mohit Bumb says:

    hahaha i’m not blogging guru but i’m blogger lol :D

  7. Thanks for the great tips Rahul! I’ll definitely be using these tips on my blog. I am always struggling with how I should increase the sharing on my blog.

    It would be great if you can review my blog at and help me with how I can improve my traffic.

    Tan :D

  8. Rahul the image is the most inspiring part of the whole article…and you have covered almost all the important points in the post..kudos to that.

    I recalled the story of Three Feet Away from Gold,one must really read that story if you are trying hard but still not seeing any success.Just google to get the story.

    • Rahul Kuntala says:

      You like the image instead of article ;) ?

      I want to convey that, patience is the key to blogging success.

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