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Write Content Worth Writing

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Strange title? Or something weird?

Recently I wrote a note somewhere – the best way to build a better blog is this: create content which helps your readers to build better blogs for themselves!

Nice quote right?

Hmm I’m glad that I never heard/read this quote anywhere else before, yeah it’s my own property ;)

Similarly I tweaked the title little bit “write content worth reading”. Why should I write the same title again?

So I came up with this title:

Write something worth writing.

If your audience love to copy your writing style – you are succeeded!

If your readers are interested to take inspiration from your content – you are again succeeded. What else do you want?

Successful blog doesn’t mean it should make thousands of dollars every month. If you are happy with your readership and if you create content that adds value, then you can assume your blog as a success even if you don’t make a penny from your blog.

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For many of us(especially new bloggers) create content in 2 ways.

1. By simply copying from others.

2. Or striving hard to create great content.

Obviously second category people will succeed in the long run. Only they can get loyal readership, authority, brand value etc.

First category people(copycats) can never survive in the blogosphere and soon they will fade out.

Where do you want to be? As an authority or fade out?

I hope you(specially my blog readers) will always like to become an authority. So whenever you want to create content for your blog, use the following tips.

How to write content that worth writing?

1. Have a unique writing style

2. Don’t post anything without proper research

3. Creating great content is not an art – anyone can create it

4. When you are out of ideas take a break

5. Don’t write when you are upset

6. Write as many posts as you can when you feel like writing

7. Set a blog posting frequency and stick with it

8. Use creative images but give credit if they are free!

9. Live a great life to create great content(negative thinkers can’t understand this)

10. Daily posting can lead to burn out, but if it’s okay with you then go ahead!

11. Read popular blogs(to learn how to write)

12. Read mediocre blogs(to know how not to write)

13. Think crazy! Start your introduction with a bang

14. Pruf reading, proaf reading, proof reading(I got it right in the 3rd attempt!) Proof read your content at least twice before you publish

15. Titles can kill your blog content if they are not killer!

16. Stay away from all the distractions while writing

17. Edit unnecessary words(make your post as short as possible)

18. Create curiosity from top to toe

19. Call your readers to action at the end of your posts

20. Use bold, itallic, underlines, colors, headings etc to make your post look appealing

21. Don’t edit while you are writing

22. Write as you talk

23. Write something that is interesting, unique, funny, crazy, entertaining

24. If you can’t create great content then entertain your readers just like me ;)

25. Never strive for perfection. It may kill your credibility.

26. Write for people not for machines(easier said than done REALLY)

27. If content is king, good typography is his queen

28. Be humble. Treat your readers as friends.

29. Stop listening & start implementing

30. You say I’ll follow. I’m done now!

Want more tips?

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P.S: I didn’t edit this post at all! The first ever post on this blog published without editing. I’m going crazy day by day right ;)

Hmm I don’t consider blogging as a chore or job. Passion. Just passion.

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Over to you

How was your feeling while reading this?


  1. Nice tips Rahul.
    Following such tips, one will surely end up writing content worth writing :)
    Thanks for the awesome tips bro.

  2. Romy Singh @GeekyWriter says:

    Hello Rahul,

    Write content that people really wants to read, content that helps people, content that inspires people, content that motivates them, content that makes people happy, bring tears in their eyes. If you can write this types of content then your blog is in my reading list. I’ll follow you and your blog like a hungry man follows the smell of food.. :P

    My quote about content:

    ” What people really wants to read is content that written for him not for the money.”

    BTW, awesome post…

    Romy Singh,

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      OMG content is greatly defined here..

      BTW I always find these definitions while reading one blog i.e GeekyWriter.. heard somewhere? ;)

  3. I really like the tip #28 (treat your users as friends). It obviously gives us more weightage (the trust) than any other blogger if we treat them as our friends. One quote from me “Satisfy your readers and Google will satisfy your dreams ;)”

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Haha liked it v.much. Thanks for stopping by Radha. I enjoyed reading your guest post on SML recently.

  4. 27 good tips, I have to disagree with #5 and #9, I write when I’m upset, that way my feelings are presented honestly and raw without adulteration or lying to myself.

    #9 – When stressed or depressed, negative thoughts come anyway and that makes me more experienced to help others not face the same problem I’m facing.

    Lastly, I somehow strive for perfection everytime!

  5. I lack most of these tips. Thank, I’ll improve. :)

  6. Hello Rahul,
    I agree a blog which has a lot of unique and worth reading content than it is a successful blog, no matter it is making any money or not.

    You said that when we are upset and out of ideas than we should not write and in second hand you said that we should set a posting frequency and we should stick with it. Sow my question is when we have no ideas and are upset than how can we stick with our posting frequency?
    Can you please explain it little clearly?

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Write in advance. So that you can have emergency posts with you. Whenever you feel upset and not feel like to write; publish these emergency posts.

      • Ohh ok thanks, but I’ve heard that post scheduling also helps in emergency time when we can’t write. What do you think about scheduling blog posts?

  7. Great post, I think that having a unique writing style can help a lot in terms of recognition, better writing and future engagement.
    thanks for sharing

  8. I am the 2nd type person as you mentioned. There is no need of copycats and lazy bloggers in Blogging Arena.
    Your posts motivate and inspire me everytime. :)
    Waiting for the next…..

  9. Great and humorous post Rahul.
    I think even if someone is not a great writer, they still can make it if they establish their unique style.

  10. great tips Rahul , i never used to implement that and like a foolish i just used keyword in my heading then i read somewhere that make your titles different and use a plugin to add a H1 title for google to crawl.

    is it true that it works ? showing different heading to people and different to google?

  11. Nice post bro :)

    I always like your writing style and you do your work honestly with perfection.

    All your 30 points are worthy; if we follow these points then we get a good blog post like yours.

    It is such a wonderful content that is helpful for both Newbie and Biggie.

    Thanks For sharing knowledge with us :)

    WOW!!! finally i commented on this blog. :)

  12. Awesome advice. I really like posts like these that inspire me to write more!

  13. Excellent explanation rahul, Now its time to download your ebook about creating viral content that rocks. I’m very eager to read it.

  14. Lawrence Bergfeld says:

    Thanks for mentioning that you should not write when you are upset because people will feel it when you are not ALL IN. When you are upset about anything take a break NOW and do it when you are in an enthusiastic mood.

    Because people are going to walk away from others who do not have confidence. It is no different from when a dog picks up on the fact that his master has no courage.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  15. Gautam Doddamani says:

    i agree with all your points rahul..a very good set of suggestions to follow…thanks for sharing :D

  16. Awesome Tips man but one question is arise in my mind while reading this article can we entertain when we have not great content.

  17. Nice share. I liked the points. If you are blogging on the niche ‘Blogging’, then you should tell almost each & every thing to the readers so that can too build a better blog. and ultimately you will succeed because they will follow us with full heart. Keep up the good work :) :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Smart logic. Even I think the same always Harneet. And everyone needs (tech blogs, SEO blogs or news blogs) some tips to improve their blogs. So “blogging niche” blogs rock ;)

  18. Content should be such that every doubt that a reader can have should be explained in the content.

  19. Excellent explanation rahul,
    what a beautiful point # 28 Be humble. Treat your readers as friends. many people don’t accept feed back from others.but if you have humble in your life you will accept what ever the feed back.

    thanks for sharing excellent points .

  20. One of the most important challenges before a blogger is figuring out how to enrich and add value to the audience and in so doing to stand out from the pack in a meaningful way.

  21. Hello Rahul !!

    I totally agree with you!! If you want traffic and interaction in you blog/website then you have to write quality contents that attract people’s interests. It is better to have 5-10 great articles than to have 100 useless and spamming articles !!

    Thank you,

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