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6 Exceptional Ways to Write Killer Headlines

Note for the SKIMMERS: There is a bonus, if you read the entire post(BTW it’s just a 600 words post)

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” ~ someone said

The meaning of this saying is, don’t prejudge the value of any thing by looking at it’s appearance.

But this is totally wrong when it comes to headlines creation. Your readers/visitors will judge whether or not to read your articles by just looking at the headlines.


Yes, content is king, but without it gets opened how can you determine whether it’s a king or queen?

Here are few tactics to write addictive headlines that will make your audience click.

write killer headlines

#1. Stand Out

If all the bloggers say no one reads long posts etc. you show them how to get better results with long posts – this will make your posts stand out, surely they will go viral.


Why Guru Strategies for Blog Posting Schedule DON’T WORK… and What Does!

 Are You A Good Blogger: Yes Or No

#2. Back to front

Make them scary.

Instead of writing 3 Ways to Get Your Blog Comments Noticed, write 3 ways no one notices your blog comments (second way attracts your readers more than the first one, because it’s making your readers scary)

Example posts:

3 Reasons Your Blog Not Getting Much Comments: How to Get Them

Why Your Content Sucks And How You Can Fix It

You Are Not Doing It Right..

#3. Ask questions in titles

This tactic will create curiosity in your readers.

What else do you want more than creating curiosity?


Do You Want More Comments In Your Blog?

Is Your Blog Worth My Time?

How to KISS Your Blog?

#4. Use numbers

See this post title. Why did you click on it and still reading?

The credit goes to list posts(numbers in the titles is one of the effective ways to grab readers attention, specially lazy readers love this type of posts, ME ;))

Few more:

4 Reasons Your Content Sucks And How You Can Fix It

9 Ways to Instantly Promote Your Blog

64 Practical Blogging Tips For Absolute Beginners

#5. Start with “How to”

Personally I like to read the posts which starts with “How to”. Most of the professional bloggers create how to kind of posts often(observe this time).


How to Write Your Most Popular Blog Post

How to Stand Out From The Crowded Niche: 5 Tips From The Probloggers

#6. Tell them secrets

Tell them which methods worked for you. Share your secrets and help your readers to create a better blog for THEM.

Your readers love this kind of posts(everyone loves to know winning secrets right?)


25 Blog Tips I Learned In Blogging

Sample headlines:

Following are the headlines I’ve brainstormed for this article.

  • How to Write Incredible Headlines that Sell?
  • 6 Things You Should Already Know About Creating Next-level Headlines
  • Who Else Wants to Create Stellar Headlines?
  • 6 Secrets to Create Headlines that Get Immediate Results
  • How to Create Mind Blowing Titles Within 2 Minutes(or less!)
  • 6 Exceptional Ways to Write Killer Headlines(I decided to use this)
  • Don’t Read This Unless You Want to Create Killer Titles
  • Unbelievable: 6 Ways to Create Killer Headlines
  • 6 Steps Write Stunning Headlines

BTW, this is the bonus(as I promised in the beginning of this post). You can use the above samples to your own blog posts(tweak them however you like, change it to your own topic, you can change the number too :D).

Over to you

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Which is your favorite way to create killer headlines?


  1. Trung Nguyen says:

    I love the post starting with “how to”, it can easy make me imagine what I can get when read this post. Nice post, again, Rahul

  2. Nice article Rahul,
    However I will try to use 2nd tip, the scary one.
    I must say every point is superb and will help us to write catchy headlines.
    Thanks again, bro :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Scary titles grab readers’ attention. Do you know why? Every blogger reads other blogs just because THEY want to build a great blog, they won’t read any blog to click on the ads or hear the blog owner’s bragging.

  3. Hasan Ali says:

    I think scary headlines works great, because most of the people attract towards it. BTW nice post Rahul, good going! :)

  4. Hello Rahul,

    A post with so many post links. I really liked all what you shared here, especially links to other posts. And that message which you wanted to give readers by the lovely picture you have shared.

    You know, the reason I won prizes in my last two contest was, I had a intriguing and interesting headline of my article. That attracted many readers, and also to leave comments.

    Did you see the latest post on my blog? It’s a guest post, I really loved it.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Abhi

      After a long time mate. I think I’ve grabbed your attention by the title :D

      BTW, the pic which I used for this post looking hilarious, isn’t it? LOL! Yes, I I’ve read your recent post, also commented there!

      • Hey Rahul,

        Not after a long time, I just visited your blog about a week ago and gave so many +1s to your blog, read many article. I am just not getting much time to stay online.

        • Rahul kuntala says:

          Yes, I can understand, I read your comment at BBT. All the best for the next month’s exams Abhi. Just concentrate on them, we’ll have a huge party after getting results ;)

  5. Thanks for the tips. Creating awesome headlines is a new idea for me. But I know it will get people to read more articles, so it is well worth it.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Hi Shaun

      Make sure to use EXCERPTS for your home page. In case you find it difficult, just contact me, I’ll be glad to help you to reduce your blog’s bounce rate.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Amrik Virdi says:

    This is an excellent article about writing headlines. The whole SEO thing really confuses me and is really hard to follow.
    I started a blog about Blogging tips & Make Money Online-Monetize Blogging and I try to write good headlines that are catchy and the also meaningful to the content of the post.

    I read a lot of blogs and the headline grabs my attention, but the first paragraph is what keeps me reading. This is very true when the article a really long. I like short articles. The longer the article, the better the first paragraph or two has to be for me to read on. SEO is cool if there is good content and it means something to somebody. A blogger needs to be passionate about what he or she writes and readers will come. That is just my 2 cents. I enjoy reading your blog and the conversations in the comments.

    Amrik Virdi (Your friend / Your mate)

  7. I always write start my blog post title with these tricks which you shared in this post, but “how-to” makes it more clickable title for readers.
    Thanks for the post Rahul.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Same pinch Ehsan, even I start my blog posts by writing the headlines first, it makes me feel easy to craft the remaining post.

  8. Simple yet effective tips rahul.Posting a post with head-twisting title most of the time guarantees higher traffic than having a post with generic title.Like instead of posting 5 Basic blog tips one can post 5 blogging secrets every beginner must know.I am sure the latter one would get more traffic in terms of just the title.

  9. Romy singh says:

    Hello Rahul,

    Another great post,

    Yeah! as you mentioned in your post that headlines are what that lured us into reading full post, You are right! they really do. But i think not only headline plays important role to get visitor converted into your reader, your each words and how you linked them together plays a big lead role and the sequence is like this first comes headline which helps us to grab the eyeballs of our visitor and then our lede line which fill our visitor with curiosity to know what the full post contains and what’s the moral that i will get in the end of the post.

    I always believe that if you really write your words to help people then your words will never get silence, you will find someone who has actual interest reading your words (Just like me. ;) )

    So thanks for such awesome post buddy. yeah headline really means a lot but not more than the whole message. Headlines are like an gift box cover, if people likes it then it will get open first, if not then it will get open at last. But one thing is sure it will defiantly get opened by someone at anytime. and the real thing is what’s inside that cover matter and helps you to get peoples in your pocket. :)


  10. I know this one already, I read them off Copyblogger and good to see re-mentioned it, I might also put these 6 ways on my blog as well. After a long time haven’t blog, I’m ready tons of posts now and glad to see you join.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      FYI, I’vent read Copyblogger blog before writing this post. I wrote which worked for me.

  11. Most of my posts are “QUESTIONS”. Titles should be attractive.
    Because whenever I read a blog, first of all I have a look at the titles ans sub-titles then I decide weather to read or not the the post :)

  12. I can’t gamble at the same level with my readers, you know trying those ‘scary headlines’ because I blog about health. Some people are very particular and sentimental about their health so when they see some pretty scary headlines and run helter skelter… I use list posts a lot though :)

    However, recently I used a scary headline – ‘Saturated Fats Increase Risk of Dementia’ instead of ‘Monounsaturated fats decreasing the risk of dementia’ lol :)

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      No Aditya, scary titles work for every niche(I believe strongly).
      Ex for your niche:
      5 Warning Signs That You’re Putting Up Weight
      The Shocking Truth About Your Habits/Health/Personality
      3 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Health

      Got it? They always work for every niche. You need to work around it, that’s it :)

  13. Again Great Stuff by you Rahul, I spent most of my free time to craft catchy Headlines for my blog posts and to search high quality colorful images. These two things will surely attract more visitors.

  14. Hi Rahul thanks for sharing this useful tips about Killer headlines. One killer headline can boost up your business by 400%. Frankly to say this is a real hard job for me to write a killer and catchy headline. But I really like those headlines starting with Tips and how to..

    Have a nice day,


  15. Not doubt it’s one of the best post of your blog. The way you have interlinked your post for this post is really awesome. I usually use some of your tips for my blog already. Really like this post. Thanks for sharing..

  16. Nice post rahul ! Catchy taglines definitely can bring more traffic ! I am sick with writing how to titles ! Now onwards will try for working out on tips by you!
    BTW keep rolling such great posts man!

  17. I have 6 months of blogging experience, even though I have good writing skill I came to know that No one is reading my article, and was thinking why ?, and here I got the answer! Even though it was an short article It was hugely informative! Nice artile :D

  18. Blogging about a niche topic or subject may help you leading your blog in the search engines. Such blogs have advantage of interesting materials.

  19. I’ve found the best way to write online headlines is to give your reader some sort of news that they will benefit from but also make them feel as if you’ve left something out so they need or want to find out more. People are naturally curious and are primarily interested in themselves!

  20. This is a great post Rahul. You gave opened my eyes to a different perspective on writing post titles. Thanks for this article anyway.

  21. I have got all the bonus on single page :-P That’s good for me. Nice tactics to write killer headlines. Worthy post.

    BTW I like the picture you have stick in this post. This MOTU (fatty boy) can eat even whole pizza shop :-D

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