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4 Writing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Answer this question.

What’s the average span for online readers?

a) 10 seconds b) 30 seconds c) 3 seconds d) 1 minute

Your answer please??

Okay, no problem. The answer is..

writing mistakes you should avoid

3 seconds

1. 2.. 3…

They’re gone!

It means, they decide whether or not read your blog post just under 3 seconds!

So, what should you need to do to grab their eyeballs?

Of course, there are so many ways which you can find here, here and here.

But, the biggest mistake is: we make those mistakes that we don’t know we’re making.

I know that everyone makes mistakes. You’ll make more, if you’re completely new to blogging.

There’s lot more difference between offline writing and online writing.

Blogging is online writing.

You’re writing for those who’ve less attention spans.

Want to know what mistakes you’re making when writing and to correct them quickly?

Don’t Do These Mistakes When You’re Writing

1. Use contractions

contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word, syllable, or word group, created by omission of internal letters – Wikipedia

Contractions should not confuse your readers. Make it a habit of writing the similar contractions.

For example, your readers won’t need a sentence like this..

You are not using contractions properly

Instead, use “You’re not using contractions properly”

[alert]I’m using You’re instead of You are[/alert]

Few more ex: 1. I am not writing this for fun (don’t use)

I’m not writing this for fun (use)

2. They will applaud you if you have better writing skills – (wrong and don’t use)

They’ll applaud you if you have better writing skills – (use)

Likewise here’s a small list..


       Don’t Use

             I’m          I am
            Don’t          Do not
            They’re          They are
            Shouldn’t          Should not
            Lets          Let us

2. Use ‘I’ not ‘i’

This is the blunder mistake most new bloggers make.

They use ‘i’ (small i) instead of ‘I’ (capital I)

You should never (ever) use small ‘i’ (when you’re referring to yourself). Use small i only when you’re referring to letter ‘i’

3. Use short sentences

I’m not talking about short paragraphs. Short sentences like this. Understand?

Why should you use short sentences?

  • They’re easy to understand
  • Easy to read
  • They draw your readers attention
  • They create great impact etc..
I know it’s not so easy in the beginning. But, try to make your sentences as short as possible. Try not to use 3 to 4 lines to end your sentences. They’ll be hard to digest.


4. Use white spaces after full stops ( . ) and commas ( , )

Just observe my writing. I’m giving a white space immediately after full stop. See!


In online writing, you shouldn’t clutter your writing. Use correct punctuation and give proper white spaces after using, commas and full stops. This single tip makes you a look like a pro! Believe me.

Quick tips for using . and , correctly

Give a white space right after finishing the phrase/sentence in between the paragraphs.

Like this.  (no space before the sentence, I used it after the sentence).

(not like this . Got it?)

Okay, I’ll show you a screenshot to better understand what I’m saying.


writing mistakes


Analyze any professional blogger blog post this time! You’ll better understand what I’m saying.

[note]Small note: I also made few mistakes. Especially the 1st one. I’m trying to get rid of it.

If you’re really serious about blogging and writing killer content for your blog, you should download this free guide.[/note]



  1. Mahesh verma says:

    rahul Your are most of the bloggers spends only 3-5 second on a blog. Their main motto is to comment on a blog and getting backlinks. They only wants to gets the idea on topic and writes comment. Very truely I also do most of times but after reading htis article i will spend atleast 1 mon. on a post. Very interesting article written by you and I will definitely takes care of mistakes we do while writing.

    • Mahesh, I see that you’re doing that mistakes yet, in writing this comment.. I don’t think that you’ve read this post, but if read then not implemented what Rahul Guru told..

      Please try to implement all the things, what Probloggers share with us.. We never should ignore them, they’ve a great experience of blogging. So, acting upon their tips would be a great thought.. :) Keep learning more..

      You also didn’t write capital “R” in writing rahul’s name. You’re doing more mistakes.

      • Mahesh verma says:

        Sorry Mairaj for my spelling mistakes and not following all steps told by Rahul . In future I will take care of it also. thanks for telling me my mistakes.

  2. Hi Rahul,

    Do you know? Am really happy, after your this awesome post, because I’ve never did any from the mistakes you’ve shared. :cool: I try to make my writing style more better, and I think am now improving more, just a Big Thanks for these mistakes. I just wanna make myself a great writer, blogger, and a successful blogger.

    I’ve enjoyed this post properly, and now trying to be more Professional. Thinking to Guest post on, can you share some awesome tips to find ideas for new blog post for, I know they would have already those great posts, which am thinking to give them.! ;-)

    Kindly thanks in advance..!

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      Thanks for the kind words Mairaj. I’m really glad.

      I’ll soon share you those tips! BTW I’m glad that you’re advising other people in the comments section. That’s really a good sign.

  3. Hahah! Many true facts brought up here! To be honest Rahul, these mistakes really annoy readers especially who’re just like me. I personally hate such grammar and actually just stop reading as I hardly understand half of the stuff.

    Check out my share on Twitter from @raajtram :)

    Cheers to the post!

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      When the post is really good, we can ignore such kinda mistakes. But it’ll be really annoying when we come across mediocre content with these type of typos.

      Thanks for your visit Raaj :) You’ve a pretty good blog out there. Hope to connect with you soon.

  4. I know people are making these type of mistakes on their blog posts, Specially the most popular writing mistake which Bloggers makes is they use “i” instead of “I”. I think this is really noticeable mistake.

    As I’m a big fan of Daniel’s Daily Writing Tips. I do my best to not make any mistake when I write my blog post. True facts!


    Ehsan U.

    • Rahul kuntala says:

      I know you’re emerging everyday as I can see that in your blog posts.

      Here’s a small tip for you Ehsan,

      I observed most of the time, you’re using Capital ‘B’ when writing the word “Blogger”. Is there any reason for that?

      Don’t use that bro. Use small ‘b’.

  5. That is because before sometime when I was typing the word “Blogger” anywhere, It was showing the red line below word, saying that there’s a spelling mistake on this word, but when I use capital “B”, It shows perfect.

    Now I think it is fine to type “Blogger” or “blogger” anywhere. I have a habit of using capital “B” when writing the word “Blogger” anywhere.

  6. again Rahul great article bro you always give me batter information about blogging and writing thanks. :)

  7. Sergio Vasco says:

    Rahul, you said not using contractions is wrong. I’ll differ with you on that. Generally, We Americans use a lot of contractions (see my blog). They’ll even say I’d for I had. But saying “I had” is definitely not wrong. Its just my opinion. I THINK a lot of commonwealth countries prefer to not use contractions. Its just my opinion.

    Using upper-case for I and nouns is very important as you highlighted. Also punctuations do matter as you said. I suggest WordPress bloggers to use for checking writing, grammar etc. It is available as a browser extension as well as a plugin for WordPress bloggers.

    As far as short sentences are concerned, it is a killer tip but I am amazed to see a lot of people say that it is a great tip and yet not implementing it on their blogs. You’ve been writing about short sentences and short paragraphs in a lot of your posts and also all your posts have these. That’s the best tip from your blog.

  8. finally after a long span of time .I found an article worth reading.

  9. Interesting, unique and useful post for the bloggers to avoid the writing mistakes.

    Hope am following your specified ways already to do an enhanced blogging.

    Thanks for writing the needful stuffs for the bloggers!

  10. This might help me to improve my writing Skill. Thanks for sharing the article. Keep It up Bro :)

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