Warning: Wearing Two Hats At A Time Can Kill Your Blogging Time

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wearing two hats

Do you know the biggest time waster while creating content?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it takes too much time to finish a single blog post??

It happens because we wear TWO hats at a time.

One is: Writing

Other is: Editing

Writing and editing shouldn’t be done at the same time.

Writing and






At the



Wearing both hats (writing & editing) simultaneously consumes more time than you think. They are two dissimilar jobs which should be done one after the other.

Hat I: Writing

If you are writing a blog post: keep concentrate only on writing part. Don’t worry about the typos, mistakes, punctuations, styling the paragraphs etc.

Just focus on writing.

Errors will come.

Ignore them.

Just write.

Don’t try to use ‘delete’ or ‘backspace’ buttons while writing. This is the single most important key to write super fast blog posts.

Keep in mind that, you write only when you have something to say. Don’t write for the sake of posting something on your blog.

No blog post is better than a worst post.

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Many times I wonder why people stick to particular blog post length. Lets say if a blogger uses typical 600+ words posts, he stops the post immediately after completing 600 words. Worst part is: they are writing for the sake of word count not to give the MEAT to their readers.

I use both type of posts, short and lengthy. I used to write even 3000+ words posts in this blog (now stopped writing them, no reasons, I became bit lazy these days, but not compromising with quality of the posts).

Hat II: Editing

Great writing comes from great editing

The best tip to follow while editing is: edit the unwanted words mercilessly. If they don’t add any value to the actual content, remove it.

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Make it a habit of cutting at least 10% of your overall content from your first draft.

Hmm this post is just of 400+ words. But I say this post is a killer post (in my opinion). Because it has enough valuable information to convey my readers.

I’m saying this tip because I’m noticing the results. By implementing this method. Try it. You will surely thank me one day ;)

Saying again…

It’s not about the word count it’s about the MEAT.

If you can convey what you want to say to your readers within 100 words, you are awesome!

Or if you can’t do it: go for the long shot! Be it 2000+ or 5000+ words.

At the end of the day, you and your readers should feel happy after reading the post.

Do you have a great tip for creating faster blog posts?


  1. says

    Great tips, however, I understand them differently, writing a tips post is the easiest to build up the amount of word and even can slowly add up to 2,000; 3000 words per post.

    P.S. Please consider my post to be published on your blog and hope you have received.

    Thanks – Ferb

  2. says

    Agree with each and every single point mentioned here. You know Rahul, I fell in Love with your Writing Style, cant explain it in simple words. Expecting more interesting posts like this.

  3. Naveen says

    Of course we cannot wear both hats at the same time and its spoil our head (will create head aches), normally what I do is I edit my posts while writing and as you said its waste of time doing both at a time.

    Some times I feel to preview my post (after writing it) and find out the errors would be a best way of finding errors and I did this practices for many blog posts and now I feel its one of the best way to find out the errors.

    Thanks to the post.

    • says

      Yes, I do it (previewing) often while writing, but it doesn’t make any sense while writing. It always better, if we edit and proof read after finishing the writing part (hat I).

      Glad you like it, thanks for stopping by Naveen.

  4. says

    Hey Rahul,
    Cool Article, 80 out of 100 Blogger Wearing These Two Hats At A Time That’s why They get Frustrated and Gave Up. I hope This article will put some sense in their skulls. :)

    Thanks For The Awesome Post.. BTW i m Great Fan of Yours ;)

    • says

      A small tip for you Ahmad,

      Don’t use alternative capital letters in between your words. Use them only after finishing the sentence :)

      I’m glad that you like my writing style. Keep visiting and download my eBook if possible (on creating great content).

      • says

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        this is batter & bed in my blog plz tell me.. i am confuse …… i hope you will give me batter way :)

  5. says

    Hey Rahul,
    Great post.
    I always wear both these hats while writing a post. Maybe that’s why I take a bit longer to complete one. Now I won’t wear both at a time.
    Thanks for the awesome post :D

  6. says

    Hi Rahul,

    Something to think about here. I always edit while I write and then before pulsing edit more. So, come to think of it this is a valid point to consider.
    The other thing is when you stop to read and edit, you may miss your trail of thought. (I know this, but I still go back and edit)

    The other thing I picked up from your post, “you write only when you have something to say. Don’t write for the sake of posting something on your blog.” – this is so true, then you can write effortlessly and quickly.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. anubhav says

    great mistakes you discovered makes during writing post

    literally speaking i didn’t heared before
    but i was also making it.

    at writing time if i make mistakes in words that time, i go back and correct them and

    i forgot lots worthy stuff which going to include in content.




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